Photography As A Work Of Art

Photographer Spotlight: Raymond Cruz, Fine Art Photography – f/6.3

Photography dates as far back as the days of Greek mathematicians Aristotle and Euclid in the 4th and 5th centuries. Initially, it involved basic representation and creation of images in simple forms. Over the years, there has however been an evolution in the way and means by which these images are captured. Images have progressed from being the basic black and white format to being an array of any colour of choice.

The use of the digital camera has taken over image production, unlike the initial photography methods which made use of special films to produce desired images. More attention is also focused on details such as effects, lines, and the likes. These evolutions over time then give rise to the question, ‘can photography be considered as a work of art?’

Photography, like many other art forms, can provide immense pleasure. This factor is one of the most common reasons why a lot of people go into it; for the pleasure of it. As such, there is no need for high-end sophisticated gadgets. You can make use of simple gadgets such as your phone or a small camera with a tripod that can be easily gotten from online electronic gadget stores.

Photography has also evolved to be a business form for a lot of people with an entire industry dedicated to it. These photography companies provide services such as capturing different moments for people and presenting them in the most appealing way possible to them, without losing their artistic beauty but rather enhancing them. As such, these industries are patronised by individuals for their various events, such as weddings, engagements, and the likes. There are some platforms such as that provide honest reviews about companies, it is advisable to go through these reviews before deciding on the company to opt for. This way you are assured of the quality of service you are expecting.

Certain attributes have been fully associated with art and photography imbibes a number of these into creating the best work. These attributes are what clients look out for with possible companies and they include;

Capturing emotion: this factor alone can be considered the basis of the evolution of photography over the years, its importance cannot be over-emphasized. The trick of capturing emotions can be said to be in the little details and moments. Images should possess the ability to conjure emotions in the mind of their viewers.

Imagination and creativity: the editing of an image is almost as important as its capture. Good photographers have mastered the skill of presenting their images in unique ways that speak directly to the views.

With photography, there is no end to its possibilities. Wikipedia explains art as a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory, or performing artefacts, expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. These can be considered true of photography, its elements, and the images produced through it.