Tips On How To Use Custom-made Bandanas For Your Daily Outfit

We are all aware that you can easily find bandanas in boutiques or any shop selling garments and accessories because a lot of men are using this as a handkerchief to wipe away sweat and protection from sunlight by tying it on their heads or face. But you will also notice that a lot of women are already using it as a headband, scarf, or wristband, which means that this cloth has become popular with ladies. Even males have started wearing it as a part of their outfit when playing sports or working out in the gym.

This only shows that each individual has a trendy way to wear a bandana, depending on how he wanted to use it or basing on his personal preference, especially when he can purposely customize it. Kerchiefs are popular anyway, so you can always be cool like the famous celebrities who are wearing it on photo shoots, television show appearances, or concerts. With your passion for a bandana, you can always think of ways on how to make it more useful and appropriate for your needs.

In fact, you can give it a more sophisticated look and touch as long as you can choose the right fabric that will match the occasion. For example, if you will use it with your jeans on, then it has to be made of cotton, while a silky fabric can be used when matched with formal attire like making a scarf. You just need to be creative and with a wide imagination to fill your ideal kerchief a great effect that will suit your trendy outfit.

IT Girl

The stylish outdoor worker seems to be meant for casual or ordinary and daily use. But you can do something to make it look quite formal by customizing the fabric and wearing it as a scarf. In this way, it would be more appropriate to use in the office or when meeting someone in a fancy restaurant.

You also need to fold this diagonally and wrap it around the neck. Make sure the tip is pointed to the ground and at the side or in front of the neck. You can also tie both ends in front or at the side, whatever is more convenient for you – visit for more details.

Stylish Outdoor Worker

When you are working in your garden or picking up fruits and vegetables on the farm, you often need something to cover your neck for sweat trapping. By the way, it is not only guys who wear a bandana when working outdoors. Forget the masculine outfit because even ladies look great when using a kerchief while at work.

To do this custom style, you just need to fold the fabric diagonally to form a narrow band. After that, simply tie and make a knot at the back. To make sure that this won’t fall off after wiping your face, you can just double the knot.

Sophisticated Lady

Ladies, especially those with long hair would sometimes like to tie this when they want more focus on the shoulders. Instead of using a ribbon or rubber band, they can use a bandana to keep the hair together.

Doing this is easy because you just need to fold the cloth diagonally and tie it. Just make sure to double the knot so that this won’t fall down, especially when the hair is too oily. Wrapping this would be great, too, when you want a ponytailed hair.

Chic Biker

With the Chic Biker style, you are going to fold the cloth diagonally. And then, you have to wrap it around the head to cover your hair. Now, at the back of the head, you are going to make a knot and be sure it would be tight enough so it won’t fall off – go to this site to learn more.

The base usually along the lower part of the forehead. It is a great thing to wear when driving on the road whether with a car, motorbike or bicycle. What makes it chic is when girls started wearing it because it looks really cool and won’t bother when having long hair at all.


We always wanted to make something different out of our ordinary outfits. When we go to our workplace or coffee shops, wander in the shopping centers, and meet friends in the restaurant or clubs, we would like to show off. We do this by wearing trendy clothes with fashionable accessories.

Let’s say that we have this bandana in different colors and designs that come in various types of fabrics like cotton which is actually the basic. Now, you can always fold this several times, depending on where you are going to tie it.

You may insert it in your pocket at the back of your jeans, tie on your wrists and legs. Aside from that, you may also use this as a belt which will look great when you like tucking in your shirts or if you wear hanging blouses.